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Posted By Topic: COC/ESC PDF forms

May 01 2018 11:03

I'm just wondering what people are using for PDF COCs?

I have been using the older EWRB form with the old EWRB logo and dark blue. It has been working fine for me, but it was point out to me that this was the old form.

So I got the new form from the EWRB site. New logo, light blue.

But on that form, there is no field for "high risk, specify" so that can't be filled in.

Also the check boxes for additions, alterations, low risk, high risk etc - you can't check multiple boxes if you're doing multiple type of work.

I suppose I should contact them about it..

Here's a link to the new form

May 01 2018 16:07

You could always make your own, there are some minimum requirements about what is needed. Shouldn't be too difficult to do in word or excel

May 04 2018 21:53

I think these forms waste too much space on logos and large print at the top, and the tick-boxes could be squeezed closer together, so there is sufficient space in the description box to actually describe the job.
I generally put PTO in that box and write or draw on the back.
If these forms are ever required in an investigation the first question is 'what was the guy actually doing?'

May 05 2018 00:48

I've emailed them about the problems with the new form, and MBIE replied that they have "forwarded my feedback to the board".

So they should be fixed momentarily.


May 05 2018 14:56

Thanks Doug, I am confident it will be fixed with their usual speed and efficiency.

Does anyone else have problems printing this form? It looks okay on my screen but some of the characters are scrambled (F becomes a small circle).

May 05 2018 18:20

I tried printing the EWRB form out and gave up. It kept missing letters of the start and ends of the text and titles. I now buy triplicate COC/ESC pads, makes life far easier. Looking at getting my own printed up in the near future to allow more room for a description and to get rid of some unnecessary boxes like "number of power points, number of HWCs, number of ranges".

May 05 2018 19:43

I have the original version PDF if you want a copy.

May 05 2018 20:34

If you want to do COCs electronically I find that the SnapCert app works ok.
Doesn’t really work that well to begin with but once you figure out how to work in with the apps glitches - seems to work pretty good.

May 11 2018 02:11

This is mine. Done in word and current saved as template, so when opened as a template I can save under new name each time.

Try it if you wish.

It is saved as a locked file so the form filling function works, and and be edited by unlocking with the Pin [1].

I had logo for each of the companies I worked with placed in the upper left.

I was annoyed with the EWRB version ages ago as this on automatically expands to allow more info unlike the EWRB version.!AkVRxrUJbp-8fDssX6mFPjfXD6c

May 11 2018 11:29

One oversight here is that if you're not doing part 2 work you'd have to specify that it's to part 1 because (at least to my reading) ESR 67 requires that you actually record whether it's to part 1 rather than implying it is by not recording that it's to part 2.

Mine also specifies the supply system by default so you only need to add extra info if you're not connecting to a 230/400V MEN system, and has safe to connect (except where identified) so you don't need to fill out a separate CoC for partial work that's not safe to connect yet.

Also I prefer a separate document for CoC vs ESC so you can leave items unconnected without getting a query from the customer about a blank section on your paperwork. Admittedly this means 2 descriptions of work, but that's only a problem if you're filling out the form by hand. I usually do it all on the computer.

Very nice of you to share your work

May 11 2018 17:02

Thanks for sharing your form mralarms.

I think I'll just stick with the old EWRB form until they update the new one.

May 11 2018 22:05

Your right about the part 1 vs part 2, but I just done wanna go there with part 1.

I also have the ESC and COC individual versions for when I need though general doing COC and ESC.

Longer term for myself I'll build in auto email and other features.

May 26 2018 13:33

They have updated the form.
I haven't been through it fully yet, but they seem to have addressed most of the items I emailed them about.

May 26 2018 18:33

I can’t see why they still insist on wasting form space with test results.
There is no requirement to record test results on a esc or coc.
The space could be better utilised to expand the description box.
Test results should be recorded in a suitable spreadsheet based form or even a page of your diary.
All that is required on an esc or coc is the statement that you have tested as required by the ESR’s and that is taken care of by the tick box already on the page.

May 26 2018 21:30

Did you try typing on that new form Sarmajor?

As you type in the description box and add more lines, the font gets smaller and smaller... clever...

You can fit at least 18 lines before is scrolls over...

There's a few minor glitches with it. The "radio" boxes look slightly different, and the tabbing through fields doesn't work properly.

But they've implemented most of the fixes and changes I asked them about. Including a decent sized field to describe high risk work, and a field for "type of supply system".