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Posted By Topic: AlecK - Wiring Rules Roadshows

May 03 2018 18:07

Hi AlecK

Thanks for your excellent talk this afternoon.

Would have said \"hi\" person but you looked a bit bundled up by others.


May 07 2018 20:22

Agreed - very good and thanks again AlecK. Shane, I assume you did the 2nd Auckland one, which venue was that at?

May 08 2018 07:16


May 08 2018 08:53

Despite the similarity between my \"moniker\" here and the name of the roadshow presenter; I\'ll neither confirm nor deny any involvement . After all we\'re supposed to be officially anonymous on this site.

What I will say is that no matter who tells you something; always refer back to the source document(s). Nobody is perfect, & we all get things wrong from time to time.


May 08 2018 11:16

Nice work AlecK.
In keeping with that, I\'ll say that on the off-chance that Alec K reads the forum, he has our thanks for the roadshow. If not, I\'m sure AlecK will be able to pass our thanks on, being local to the same area :)

Jan 22 2020 12:25

I had a quick glance at the latest ElectroLink magazine and there is a column about a retiring member of the electrical standards member by the name of Alec C. Is this Alec K, by chance?

Jan 22 2020 12:50

The retiring member in the magazine is Alan Cuthbert?
Not AlecK..

Jan 22 2020 14:56

I haven't been involved quite as long as Alan C. And I haven't retired (yet) from either work or Standards.

And while he's also a user of / contributor to this forum; I believe in the concept that we are all, officially, anonymous - so I won't divulge what 'handle' Alan uses.

Jan 23 2020 21:24

Bugger. What did i miss. Is this an ME thing?