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Posted By Topic: temporary electrical connection to house

May 05 2018 23:05

hi guys, i have a case to clarify, seeking advice,

i was asked to give a temporary electrical connection in the working residential site for workers and trades people from the contractor. the contractor offered me a temporary connection box with RCD and one power point attached with it. they want to demolish the existing wall that sits the meter box and switch board. the power to the site is already disconnected from power company. i giving first time temporary connection, so like to get more clarity in this matter. my questions are
1. i thinking to pull out the existing cable that supplied the power to the residential property and connect to the temporary box and give temporary connection through that temporary switch box. is that be alright?
2. if that be alright, i needed to insert a temporary earth rod as well near to the temporary switch box and connect 6 mm2 earth wire ?
3. MEN link needed or not ?
4. electrical inspector needed to be involved or not?


May 06 2018 00:03

Basically the answer to all the questions is yes.

And before all that, you\'ll probably need to do a network connection application, and you\'ll need to have the property owner or builder arrange an account with a power retailer.

If you contact your local network provider and tell them you want to arrange a builders temporary supply, they should be able to tell you the details of the process they require.