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Posted By Topic: Regulations nerd question.

May 06 2018 13:22

Can a regulations boffin please clarify the interpretation of ESR74A clause (2). The clause reads...

\'...if an installation or part installation was disconnected from a power supply while the PEW was done...\'

So does this only apply to installations that were actually disconnected from a power supply? Or should it be interpreted as also including installations that have never been connected to a power supply? New installations in other words. I\'m thinking the latter interpretation is correct, so that this clause and regulation encompasses both types of work?


May 06 2018 14:10

Yes you are correct in thinking the latter applies i.e. restoring or connection of a power supply you would have to create an ESC.

It is worthwhile noting that the ESR allows us to \'consolidate\' or combine an ESC and COC.

May 06 2018 15:39

Cheers. Thanks for your help.