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Posted By Topic: Working in UK

May 06 2018 14:55

Hey guys,

This is slightly different topic to what we normally discussed on this forum. I am a New Zealand qualified electrician and considering doing a working holiday in UK next year. I was wondering if there is anyone that follow this forum done similar kind of thing.

I\'m after some advice on if it is easy to find work there, if a certain type of license required to work there and which part of UK would be easier to find work from someone\'s personal experience.


May 06 2018 21:14

There is no \" license\" in the legal sense. You could contact the JIB in regards to a ecs card, theres probley a way transfer you over (I did mine from the UK to nz so i dont know the details)

When you land, get booked in for an ecs test (Its electrical based sitesafe) its idiot proof and is a money making exercise however you will need one to get onto site, then angencys will take you on as a mate


May 09 2018 11:13

Yes it will be an interesting experience, the main difficulty is getting a working visa.
There are different ways of wiring, like ring mains and common earths.
While there is no sparky license like NZ, there is personal and group liability so if your mistake causes damage you pay. Lots.

May 09 2018 13:36

If you fancy some entertainment, there is a YouTube channel, An Electricians Day in London - Thomas Nagy, which is... interesting.


Some seriously appalling electrical work!: