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Posted By Topic: Meter installer and inspection?

May 07 2018 22:00

Can an inspector inspect mains work on which they have installed the associated whole current metering? My view is yes he can under conditions, when the meter install is considered to be general rather than high risk work, \'when the work cannot effect the integrity of the neutral or result in a transposition of neutral and active conductors\' as per the ESR. However I have recently been advised my view is incorrect. I\'ve read through the ESRs, and am pretty confident the advice I\'ve been given is BS, but thought I\'d put a question here all same. My understanding is the inspector is only inspecting \'high risk\' parts of the mains. Even though the meter is within the mains it is not a \'high risk\' part of the mains, thus being void from inspection. Therefore the inspector is not inspecting his own work?

May 08 2018 08:47

You have it exactly correct.

ONLY the high risk PEW needs to be inspected. since the installation of the meters is not high risk (because it isn\'t \"mains work\"), it is not subject to inspection. So the same person can do it that also inspects the high risk PEW.

In fact this - people who act as inspectors also doing other work such as metering and / or connection to supply - is the reason that installing meters is (mostly) exempted from being classified as \"mains work\". Which is of course non-sensical; installing meters pretty much requires the work to involve \"mains\" and therefore be \"mains work\".

What they should have done instead is to simply exempt it from being \"high risk\". But the people who write ESRs have a long history of not understanding what happens in the real world, and having good intentions that get stuffed up to various degrees by poorly-chosen wording.