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Posted By Topic: old DSC alarm

May 08 2018 09:05

i\'ve a customer with an old system that the tenants never used and everyones forgotten the numbers... She would like to get it up and running again, is their a reset protocol?

May 09 2018 10:17

anyone got an answer, or at least if it can be done please?

May 09 2018 10:42

There are alarm technicians used by the council noise control officers to silence unattended alarms without apparent damage. I would google or ring around.

May 09 2018 11:26

Try Google , plenty of info on there including manuals
don\'t know if it works for all models but heres a link

May 09 2018 18:13


Six zeroes,000000, then enter boots it into program mode and from there you can adjust things,

Unless original programmer and installer has changed this then cheaper to buy a new alarm kit from wholesaler then spending all your time figuring it out

May 09 2018 19:05

if you want to reset it, then put a shorting wire between pgm1 and zone 1 (remove any other wires in these terminals) and repower the system. after 10 seconds remove the jumper wire and put original zone 1 connections back to how it was. then reprogram to your needs. if the jumper wire doesnt reset it then its locked, and you will need to replace the pcb if you dont now the programming code. if you want a programming manual google the model there are heaps online free.