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Posted By Topic: Creating a product

May 08 2018 22:56

I have an idea to alter a currently existing fitting which could potentially revolutionise the way this product is used in future.
Has any body here ever designed (or altered) and manufactured a fitting?

Where would a journey like this begin?
What standards are applicable to fittings and appliances in NZ/Aus that this new product would have to meet?
Who’re the people who are the first link in the chain when it comes to creating a fitting?

I have plenty of questions as this is definitely out of my range of knowledge - any advice from anyone here who has travelled this path would be great


May 09 2018 10:38

I\'ve done some work on appliance development (gas and electrical), but not other fittings. AS/NZS 3820 is a start point - but it\'s pretty general - and the standards in Schedule 4 should also help. The general route is to start with the standard for the type of thing you\'re working on (and if there\'s not an NZ standard you can go to other countries with a similar regime, and/or the IEC standard the most electrical standards are largely aligned to). A lot of the work is then similar to a Part 1 design for electrical installations - you need to achieve fundamental safety outcomes, and you can use the guidance in the various construction methods etc to compare against what you\'re changing to ensure the result is at least as safe as existing requirements. You\'ll probably want a test report as per ESR 81 when you\'re done.
If the end result is a DMRA you\'ll need to issue an SDoC too, and if it\'s a DHRA you\'ll need WorkSafe approval as per ESR 85.