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Posted By Topic: Combined E-N Busbar

May 11 2018 12:37

Hi there, saw a MSB yesterday that had a combined earth neutral busbar with a bare main earth connected to the copper pipe. (bare earth and main neutral double nut on same stud) The building was extended a few years ago and the previous person put an earth line tap on the bare earth and ran it in 6mm to a new earth busbar within the MSB which contains all the new PEC for the extension. Is this ok to do and is it classed as mains work requiring an inspection?

May 11 2018 14:52

No [non-maintenance] work on the mains, nor the main earthing system, nor the MEN link, so no it doesn\'t need inspection.
However, 73A requires you to verify the presence of a main earthing system, and that includes \"a removable link between the neutral and earth conductors within [the] MEN switchboard\", so if the work was done after The ESRs came into force (April 2010) then I\'d say it\'s not compliant. I don\'t remember what the earlier regulations would allow.

May 11 2018 14:54

And I should follow that up by saying adding the MEN link is installation and mains work, so that would require inspection.