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Posted By Topic: Neutral numbering?

May 15 2018 13:40

Can someone remind me why we don\'t number neutrals with their corresponding active like the Australians do?

May 15 2018 15:52

AS/NZS 3000 requires it clause, the Ozzies have done it for years the Kiwis haven\'t does so for years and continue to do so.

May 15 2018 19:40

Can somebody explain the Exception in

I don\'t understand it?

May 15 2018 20:16

Clause requires numbering of the terminals not the wires.

The requirement in Australia likely comes from state authority requirement which would be in addition to the requirements of AS/NZS3000:2007 or they could just be made up by Inspectors applying there own incorrect interpretations of

The exception in would appear to be for situations when it is blindingly obvious which terminal the main neutral is connected to, removing the need for any labeling.

May 15 2018 20:36

I was on the drafting committee of the AS/NZS 3000:2007 edition and the exceptions where designed to cater for small plastic switchboards commonly used in most domestic installations.

May 16 2018 00:03

Is the exception supposed to apply to the preceding two paragraphs?
Or only the second paragraph?

Saying \"this marking\" - both paragraphs refer to marking.

May 16 2018 09:29

The Exception applies to para 2, ie to the requirement to mark the main N terminal & the MEN connection; \"this marking\" is a clue, plus the fact the Exception only refers to the particular case where these two connections are next to each other at one end of the bar.

Para 1, about marking OR arranging the rest of the Ns so as to identify the corresponding Active, ALWAYS applies.