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Posted By Topic: Data and TPS in same hole

May 23 2018 08:41

Hi, we have been asked to run a data cable into an existing room where there is no way to do so without cutting the wall open (which the client does not want to be done).
There is a HP on the wall that could be used to bring the cabling down with the TPS but I know this shouldn\'t be done.
Are there any acceptable methods that can be used to bring the cabling down the same penetrations as the power, ie using shielded cable etc? The circuit is on an RCD which would protect the cable if a screw or nail was to be accidentally driven through and a separate flush box would of course be used. Thanks.

May 23 2018 09:28

AS/NZS 3000 tells you how to do it. Abbreviated to. Get some date cable with double insulation rated the highest voltage present or install the data cable in a continuous separate compartment of common trunking. Also take into account on induced voltage from the tps. ASNZS 3080

May 23 2018 09:48

data needs to be at least 150mm apart from mains cabling, with all our modern fancy electronic loads noise ends up in the data and it simply causes problems with the operation of those devices.

May 23 2018 10:23

Data doesn\'t need 150mm continuous separation if you do it right. An earthed shield that is continuous and effective, (i.e. completely enclosing and low resistance at the frequency in question) will ensure noise doesn\'t get induced on the data cables. Once your distance is large enough to avoid coupling, you can have the cable unshielded again.

May 23 2018 19:22

How big is the hole in the timber? Can you get away with cutting small holes in the jib, drilling new holes and getting it repatched?
You could consider this but still no guarantee against interference...