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Posted By Topic: AAP 3G Modules

May 27 2018 19:45

Anyone here a regular installer for Arrowhead alarms, in particular the 3G Modules, looking for a technical assistance

May 27 2018 20:06

You can give them a call. They have pretty good technical support who can talk you through most issues.

May 27 2018 20:49

Have installed a number of them, including in my own home. Generally pretty good kit, and the phone support is great.

Just give them a call. 09 414 0085

May 28 2018 19:07

what issue are you having with them ?

May 28 2018 19:37

trying to figure out how to us the built in inputs and outputs on the 3g module

May 28 2018 21:03

Its pretty straight forward, but can you be more specific on what youre trying to do. i\'e. what are you trying to config the IO\'s to do?

May 29 2018 13:34

I would like to configure one of the outputs to open my garage door, I also understand that it may be possible to disarm/arm the alarm via the 3G module-keypad bus?