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Posted By Topic: Accessible connections

Jun 06 2018 22:43

Do all electrical connections need to be accessible? Or is it just best practice. For example, I wouldn\'t put a junction box inside a wall where you can\'t get to it. I\'m just struggling to find the wording in 3000 to support this?

Jun 07 2018 08:24

You have not found a refernce in AS/NZS 3000, this is because there is no requirement in AS/NZS 3000 covering the jointing of cables.

It is considered to be good trade practice to locate all cable joints in accessible positions. For example, joining cables at socket outlet fittings, control switches, switchboards and the like.

Jun 08 2018 08:30

Also consider ESR 20 2 i

Installations deemed to be unsafe if
There is insufficient space, access, and lighting to operate, maintain, repair, test and inspect all fittings (other than cables and buried parts of earthing systems).

Is it a fitting (check Section 2 of Act) - conveyance of electricity - yes

Is it a cable or buried part of an earthing system? Nope.

Is it inaccessible - if enclosed in a wall cavity - yes

This makes such the installation (which is what ESR 20 refers to) electrically unsafe. Irrelevant of when it was installed, ESR 15 states that a person who owns or operates installations must not use or allow any other person to use the installation.


Jun 08 2018 14:08

Yes. That\'s a good point. Cheers. I guess junction boxes, line taps etc could well be considered fittings used for the conveyance of electricity.

Jun 09 2018 18:27

+1 zl2aj

In the 1976 Regs there was an explicit requirement for junctions using terminals to be accessible.
Joins done in permanent manner, eg crimped & sleeved to effectively re-instate the mechanical and insulation properties of the cable, were - and still are - OK.