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Posted By Topic: COC...manufacturers instruction and SDoC

Jun 07 2018 10:12

The work relies on manufacturers instruction/SDoC...
Are we expected to tick yes and provide evidence for both of these because surely every single job we do relies on either of these even for the smallest of items.

Jun 07 2018 18:55

You onl;y have to tick the box and provide evidence or a link to where that evidence can be found IF you relied on the SDOC or manufacturers instructions.

For example a light switch requires an SDOC but how many have you installed without reference to anything other than your experience.

All electricians should have a look at the list of Declared Medium Risk Articles to see what requires an SDOC.
There are many questions asked about SDOC’s on this forum for things that don’t require them.

Jun 09 2018 18:18

There\'s a big difference between the need for an SDoC to exist (which existence every seller of a DMRA has to be certain of); and \"relying\" on the SDoC - which is something an installer may do, but usually only for a fitting they are not sure of.
For example when sell & install a light of a reputable brand from my wholesaler; i check it has an SDoC but i don\'t rely on it. But when i install some mongrel light the homeowner found on sale at \"bestlites\"; I may ask for a copy of the SDoC and if in doubt about safety I may rely on it when signing my CoC.