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Posted By Topic: ECANZ trade show Christchurch

Jun 27 2018 12:10

Whats up with Voltex being axed from the Chc tradeshow after backlash from long standing supporters and sponsors of the event? Aren\'t they one of the sponsors of this forum?

Jun 27 2018 12:57

Those running any event / activity are entitled to decide who can participate and / or attend, and on what terms. For this forum, Ron sets the rules. For the trade show, ECANZ Canterbury sets the rules. We as potential users / attendees can choose whether to participate in accordance with the relevant rules, or not at all.

I have no idea whether or not Voltex support this forum in any way. There\'s certainly no outward sign of it, eg by way of advertising.

As far as I am aware, there\'s similarly no relationship between ECANZ (either nationally or at Branch level) and this forum.

It follows that there\'s simply NO basis for making any sort of connection between this forum, and the ECANZ Chch trade show.


Jun 27 2018 17:37

Something to do with their cheap 56 series rip offs?

Jul 04 2018 09:10

Oh ye , their real cheap rip off 56 series that \"meets all the standards and has a life time Warranty\"
try and get a warranty like that from Schneider.
it seems a shame that some other wholesalers and manufacturers can\'t handle the competition