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Posted By Topic: 12V inverter in motor home

Jun 30 2018 19:18

Hi everyone,

I was given a job today where the customer has a simple 12V DC inverter that has a plug socket on the output side. Is this as simple as wiring a small plug feeding an rcbo for the single circuit (3 powerpoints) throughout the motor home? I\'m guessing no inspection is required as it\'s not being hooked up to the lines supply.

I haven\'t come across a job like this before so just wanting advice before I jump in.

Thank you.

Jul 02 2018 16:54

No, unfortunately it is not that simple.

You can use it for direct supply to appliances, eg using ext cords/EPODs plugged into that socket.
Or you can hard wire an inverter as sole supply to a number of sockets.

But as soon as you do set up fixed wiring supplied from a plug, it becomes a connectable installations. Doesn\'t matter that the (current) owner has no intention of plugging into \"shore power\"; all that matters is that the unit is capable of being supplied from an external supply. As such, it has to comply with AS/NZS 3001. And that includes the inverter being the right type.

Jul 03 2018 18:25

Thank you for your reply