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Posted By Topic: Outbuilding clause VS remote subboard not in a bui

Jul 09 2018 18:18

Gents has anyone found or been pulled up on a clause that states an outbuilding has to be a structure of a certain nature? I haven’t found anything and I’m Wondering if there is anything stopping me from throwing a switchboard out on a permanently fixed steel post in a paddock, calling it an outbuilding with seperate earth stake and running pumps off that DB.. that’s just a hypothetical scenario but you get what I mean. Thoughts?

As posted on Fb electrical contractors forum. Your thoughts.

My thought in checking 3000 definition of outbuilding means that it doesnt meeting the definition and therefore has to have a pec

Jul 09 2018 20:14

I always took the outbuilding references to mean any kind of shed, where the board is mounted inside.
But if you want a board on a post then just use the builder\'s temp board idea.

Jul 09 2018 20:15

Your hypothetical situation satisfies all the \"switchboards shall be\" of and none of the \"restricted locations\" of

What is it about your scenario that makes you uncomfortable?

Public parks often have standalone MEN boards to support a few lights and sockets for food carts.

Jul 09 2018 21:13

The definition of outbuilding is a \"structure\". The words structure and building are used separately in the standards.

I don\'t think it actually has to be a \"building\".

Jul 09 2018 22:42

Then by definition the term outbuilding title should not be used as its misleading

Jul 10 2018 08:28

Well then you should put pen to paper and advise the people that compile these veritable tomes that we work from to get them to change the words to something else.

Be prepared to provide endless details about why it is wrong and of course offer a solution that you deem suitable to make it easy for them.