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Posted By Topic: Black Powerpoint

Jul 10 2018 14:37

I have a client that is insistent on a black powerpoint to go out on the deck.
Needs to be ip rated but can\'t find any. I have thought about painting it myself but I\'m not keen on that. I can get one powder coated but I can\'t guarantee that they won\'t fill the plug or the switch with the powder coating.
Has anyone seen any thing around?


Jul 10 2018 15:48

Is it possible to put the socket in a cupboard or enclosure that conceals its colour? Then you wouldn\'t have to paint the socket outlet itself.

The biggest problem with painting may be reinstating the required markings.

Jul 10 2018 15:50

Yep Voltex have one # WPP2HB Double socket IP53 ( bit like PDL WS range , should cost you around $40.00.
see link below

Jul 12 2018 08:10

I\'ve heard that the Voltex gear isn\'t too good.
What do you think of it?

Jul 12 2018 15:17

Fake News. Pretty much all of the general light switchgear (light switches, power points and switch mechs) are made in China now.

Seen plenty of faulty product from all of the other manufacturers of the same sort of stuff.

And realistically how much usage is an outdoor socket going to get.

Jul 12 2018 20:59

I enjoy replacing the crappy PDL switched sockets with dodgy switches, made in Vietnam, with Voltex and assure the customer these are much cheaper and have a long warranty.

Jul 16 2018 20:33

You are 100% correct. PDL stuff is complete shite these days, forever changing switch mechs and replacing power points with damaged mechs in them.