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Posted By Topic: sensor security light

Jul 10 2018 17:58

is there any non complaint issues arises when a PIR sensor security light circuit run directly from main switchboard protected by RCBO/RCD+CB avoiding on/off switch. the client doesn\'t needed the switch because of burglary issues and of course this way saves his money because me not making any holes on his wall. but me worries about compliance. seeking advises ???

Jul 12 2018 12:53

Is the MCB dedicated to this light? If not, then when the homeowner needs to power cycle the light when it gets stuck in the wrong mode then everything on that MCB will be powered off too, which may or may not be an annoyance.

Perhaps a switch adjacent to the switchboard?


Jul 12 2018 14:38

A switch on the switchboard as another option or mount a light switch high up in the nearest wardrobe out of sight but still in a practicle location.

Jul 12 2018 15:34

They all seem to default into auto mode these days. So if auto is the only mode you need then there is no requirement for a functional switch to change modes.

Another purpose of the switch is to remove power while changing bulbs. Alternatively a label at the fitting could indicate which MCB needs to be isolated. Given that it will be out of sight it may need to be locked out.

Otherwise, direct connection of equipment is permitted in 4.3 and for lights, not excluded by 4.5


Jul 12 2018 18:27

thank you very much for the comments. I read the wiring rules AZ/NZS 3000:2007 and as mowgli said, section permitting me to connect the sensor light directly to switch board. i will add a RCBO only for this circuit by labelling both end. cheers.