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Posted By Topic: Swimming Pool Zone/Heat Pump

Jul 14 2018 10:54

3 Phase heat pump installed in the pool house/shed 4 mtrs away from edge.
I have additional 4mm bonding on it as well as the PEC conductor in the supply cable to it. Does it need to be RCD protected always a concern re nuisance tipping if it contains resistive element anywhere. Also the ancillary pumps with in the shed I have RCD protected these, its just the 3 phase RCD expense

Jul 14 2018 12:43

By my interpretation of the zones for a pool anything 4m away from the pool would be outside of any zoned area.
It is also inside a structure that separates it from the pool zoned area.
As long as everything is in good condition the elements should not leak enough to trip a dedicated30ma RCD for the pool supply only.
If you elect to install an RCD and are sufficiently worried about nuisance tripping you could use a 100ma unit.

Jan 29 2019 00:51

If we are talking about a swimming pool heatpump if the water from the pool goes through the heatpump to be heated this water is zone 0 pool water an RCD is mandatory in this case

Jan 29 2019 09:33

If it is equipment in contact with pool water, clause; new edition removes the "distance with non-conductive plumbing" option.

If it's something else, and not in Zone, then no 6.3 requirement for RCD.

But when considering MIMS elements, generally if there's enough leakage to trip an RCD; that's not "nuisance" tripping, it's a faulty appliance. Modern elements have much better seals than stuff from years ago. Perhaps better to find out about the fault by the RCD tripping, than by the fault becoming so bad the mcb trips instead?


Jan 31 2019 07:17

Thanks Crusher/Alec that explains it succinctly! One has to decide if we work to AS/NZ3000:2018 for the best outcome.

Jan 31 2019 08:17


Jan 31 2019 08:26

I wouldn't want to get into calculating what distance was required, even if I didn't know that option was going to be removed. Recently I was provided with some data on how currents (as in electricity flows) through water affect people immersed in the water. Different for fresh vs salt; and not at all easy to get your head around. I think best avoid, as far as practicable, any combination of electric current in water with immersed bodies; and with a pool you can only work on one half of that equation.