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Posted By Topic: EWOF Stickers

Jul 30 2018 13:42

Can anyone recommend a place to get EWOF stickers from?

Been asked to issue an EWOF for a couple of caravans.


Jul 30 2018 15:07

You can only get them from EWRB. Remember that only inspectors can issue EWOFs unless it is a new installation.

Jul 30 2018 19:20

Yes and it is my humble opinion based on Inspections that I have carried out as the issuer of the second or third WOEF that the system that allows the electrician that wires the caravan / motor home to issue the first WOEF is seriously stupid.
I have found numerous non compliant items in vehicles that have had a WOEF issued in this manner.
Not by any of the major manufacturers though I should add.

Jul 30 2018 20:15

Thanks, found it.

I am seriously amazed that when the EWRB issues a practising licence to a newly registered inspector, that they don\'t send them send them a guide, like find the EWOF\'s here, file the ROI here, common mistakes inspectors make are this, and this, and that.

Jul 30 2018 21:41

If an electrician adds to an existing connectable installation, say he installs an extra socket inside a caravan for example. Can he then issue an EWOF for the caravan? Or just a COC for his/her piece of work?

For some reason I thought they could do the EWOF at this time too?

Jul 30 2018 23:04

Note that the ESR does not say they can issue a WoEF for a CI they have only issued a CoC for part of; only for a connectable installation (as a whole) that they have certified.
Which is only slightly different from the old system where no WoEF was required for the first 4 years; the original CoC being taken as equivalent.

Sarmajor is correct that many seem to make basic errors in wiring CIs; but in my experience that does include major manufacturers. But could be worse; in Victoria caravans are not restricted work (equivalent to PEW); they are treated as \"toasters on wheels\" and can be wired by anyone at all.


Nov 15 2018 11:00

I have just had my EWOF done and have the certificate but no sticker. This is a caravan that has been e wired from new. Where can I get a Sticker for the caravan and do I need one by law if I have certificate?


Nov 15 2018 11:01

Contact the person that issued the certificate and ask them why they forgot to put the sticker on.

Nov 15 2018 12:43

"Attaching" the sticker is a requirement of ESR 78, so if not done the issuer has committed a breach (level 1 penalty).
However the form is the WoEF, the sticker is only mentioned in the bit that requires it to be attached, so even without a sticker the WoEF can still be valid.