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Posted By Topic: Need a high CRI LED batten light fitting

Aug 09 2018 21:07

The usual Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of LED battens is \"> 80\". Gerard Pierlite have an option of CRI > 90 on their under veranda weatherproof fitting but none of their other models which is a bit puzzling. As the intended use is in a shop I am looking for something a bit better looking that a weatherproof fitting.

Switch Lighting only offer a >80 CRI.

Does anyone know of a high CRI 5\' LED batten of 4,000 - 6,000K colour temperature?

Aug 10 2018 08:46

Eurotech lighting do 6K battens

Aug 10 2018 10:16

That\'s correct, here it is:

however it is just the usual CRI of >80. I phoned to see if there was anything >90 in batten style but no joy.

Aug 11 2018 11:30

Not a batten but what about a high CRI led strip in a large extrusion?

Aug 11 2018 19:02

Yes, I think that will be the only way to do it so am trawling AliExpress etc now.

For example, this one has an output of about 3,000 lumens per metre: 5m/reel DC22-27V 2835 High CRI>90Ra Constant Current LED Strip, Double Row 140leds per meter non waterproof LED tape.

Not a stunning output compared to the very nice Switch 5\' LED battens I\'m using on another job (standard CRI of 80) that have an outut of about 4,600 lumens per metre.

Aug 12 2018 01:29

Have you had a chat to the switch rep? They might have a solution?

Aug 12 2018 08:52

Thanks and yes, the local Switch rep in Christchurch has been very helpful on this and a previous job however the LED batten they supply is from their imported ready sLED range with a CRI of 82:

She visited the shop and is emailing some suggestions, even if it is not theri own product. Very impressed with the help given.

But it may well be a matter of making my own I think - either with LED strip or using Switch Professional or Art Series downlights in an attractive housing.

The shop does not have a suspended ceiling hence the limited range of fitting options.


Aug 12 2018 10:40

Round, surface mount led fitting by Rexel.

Aug 12 2018 19:20

Thank you but whatever I get has to be able to hand on wire / chain about 1-2m from the sloping roof of the commercial building so the fittings are about 3.5m from the floor. None of the LED battens on the Rexcel site had a CRI rating. I\'ll contact them and ask abyway.

Aug 12 2018 20:22

Hust out of interest, what sort of shop is it?

Aug 12 2018 20:23

What about track lighting? Can you suspend that? There\'s bound to be some high CRI track fittings

Aug 13 2018 17:28

yes out of interest , keen to know what type of Shop , you say a commercial building ?
So whats the reason for the need of such a high CRI ?

Aug 13 2018 19:36

It\'s a florist / gift shop so it will benefit from truer colours.

Philips do a high CRI suspended fitting called a \"Fresh Food Pendant\" (link below) so I\'m waiting for the local Phipips rep to return my call and advise my wholesaler of the price and availability.

Feb 27 2019 19:37

High Efficiency: ABIS 300 x 300 LED Square panel Light provides 4000 LUMENS light and consumes just 40W, can save energies up to 85% compared with incandescent lamp; Wide working voltage of AC 85-265V; Color Temperature 6000-6500K Cool White.
you can visit this link,

Feb 28 2019 09:52

Have you tried the Halycon ones they now have a 6k of the 442n

Its the 442 DL , we use loads of these fittings well the 442n and have no issues and they are easy as to fit and can hang if needed

Feb 28 2019 11:03

Thanks but the specs for the Halcyon do not mention CRI so it's probably the usual >80. Colour Rendering Index is not the same as Colour Temperature.

The job is finished now and the owner is happy with the Switch LED battens which are just the normal >80 CRI.