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Posted By Topic: Wages?

Aug 11 2018 23:58

What is the average hourly rate a registered electrician is earning these days in NZ? Thinking of coming back to NZ to work. Would appreciate any feed back.

Aug 12 2018 14:07

It’s a race to the bottom, wait til minimum wage hits $20 p/h and get a job at Bunnings.

Aug 12 2018 21:57

Where are you located and what wages are you getting there?

Aug 13 2018 14:34

starting $28.00 once finished apprenticship .
$ 30.00 one year into being a registered sparkie .
Look at trademe Adds

Aug 13 2018 17:46

I saw an add for an electrician on TM adds the other day, advertised at $20-$25 PA full time, I think they really meant $20K to $25K. even then it seemed a bit low, done the maths, full time at 40hrs a week, that\'s $12.02/hr, not even minimum wage. Maybe it was a mistake?, saw the same add again the next day on seek (word for word by the same company) they are way out of touch if that is what they expect to pay.

Aug 13 2018 19:43

mid 30\'s an hour seem ok for mid to large comercial?

Aug 13 2018 22:40

In Auckland and Christchurch maybe, but out in the real world of the regions i doubt you\'ll do better than $30 an hour.

Aug 13 2018 23:57

Ive seen TM ads in Auckland mid 30s to early 40s with a van

Aug 14 2018 17:48

Wages for sparkies in NZ are pathetic, lets be honest. $30 an hour for our skills, qualifications, and responsibility? What a joke, a Bunnings worker is now on minimum $20 an hour, in a few years it\'ll be minimum wage!

I think a qualified sparky doing domestic/commercial should be on at least $40 an hour. Industrial and specialised $50 plus.

But that\'s just my view! Problem is the industry is screwed as everyone undercuts each other, there\'s cowboys galore running rampant, which drives charge out rates down and hence wages. Glad I got an industrial role and got out of the house bashing game.

Aug 14 2018 17:53

Low 30s, qualified for 6 years

Aug 26 2018 23:44

Thanks for all the replies. Have to agree wages are low and not keeping up with inflation. Is there still an electrical union? need some organization to push for increases.

Aug 28 2018 19:38

I pay $35/hr wages for my registered guys, we\'re Auckland based residential company

Aug 28 2018 23:09

What about apprentice wages...I pay $18.50 3rd year & $20 4th year does everyone think this is reasonable??

What are others paying?

My apprentice keeps moaning he is hard done by....

Aug 29 2018 10:59

$18.50 with a car & fuel card I should add

Aug 30 2018 10:01

Tell you r apprentice to talk to the ETCO apprentices about wages if he feels hard done by. I was told they were on about $14 to $15 dollars a couple of years back.

Sep 05 2018 23:20

1st year at etco,2011, started on 10.80, next year....i was on $12. Lol.

Sep 30 2018 10:00

Average wage for an electrician in Australia is AU$41 which is NZ$44. So since I am only getting $28/hour I am seriously looking at moving, plus a lot of things like petrol are cheaper over there.

Oct 01 2018 21:09

Isn’t that part danger money? Snakes etc. :)