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Posted By Topic: Solar DC cable installed underground

Aug 20 2018 11:16

We have been asked to do a solar PV installation which will have the PV array located in a field and the inverter located in the local garage. The distance between them will be about 20/30m.
I can\'t find any reason in AS/NZS 3000 & 5033 that we can\'t install the solar DC cable in the ground as a Cat A system. Is this OK
Also 5033 states we do not require an isolator adjacent to the PV array. Is this OK

Always better to double check


Aug 20 2018 11:54

No prohibition on running dc underground.

As for the array isolator, omitting it is dependent on meeting special requirements aimed at reducing the likelihood of short circuit to the array cable.

Aug 21 2018 14:41

If PV sub array fusing is being provided in a suitable junction box with a good IP rating, the sub aray fuses should be fitted at the PV array end of the underground cable and can also be used as a means of total isolation for the underground cable for the PV array output.

There is no need in NZ to fit an isolating switch adjacent to the PV array.