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Posted By Topic: explosive area equipment label

Sep 01 2018 09:42

I have just completed a inspection of a explosive area with methane at a very old waste plant.
The level control has the label marking E Ex eq II T6
Im confident the level control complies but curious as to what the eq stands for. Im aware e is extra safety and q is power filled but together do they mean the same. If so id like to put a warning in my report about opening this device as no one on site is old enough to read and understand the old markings. This is on a tank that hasn\'t been in service for years and now they want to start on reusing it (building boom in area)

Sep 01 2018 22:27

Old markings? More like old tech, chokes arn\'t enclosed in sand much these days.

Suggest you look carefully at Pt 14 - 4.3.3 before you give a report recommending it is put back into service.

Sep 01 2018 22:30

Also protection tech \'e\' is NOT \"extra\" safety.

Brush up on the whole of section 5 and 11 while at it.