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Posted By Topic: Advice Please

Sep 11 2018 21:13

I work for a Small/Medium Refrigeration company. I am the only Registered Electrician at my work.

I was recently away from work for 3 weeks and on my return I have discovered at least 4 COCs (there could be more) filled out for Electrical work completed while I was away, my signature has been forged by my boss.

They have put me in a similar situation before where they have done Electrical work while I’ve been away and expected me to fill out a COC when I got back, I refused and instead was sent to check/fix/test the work done, then do a COC. I understand that’s wrong in itself to have Electrical work connected to supply without my supervision/testing..

But this situation I’m in now is a whole new ball game, the work is done the COC/s have been sent and I don’t believe the work done would have been of a certifiable standard, and I can’t no for sure if the testing was done correctly/or at all.

Any advice on a course of action from here would be helpful. I’ve already had a meeting with my bosses and they understand what they have done, I’ve let them know it’s a really serious issue. I informed them I’ve never been in this situation before and would have to seek advice on how to resolve it.

Sep 11 2018 23:17

Find another company to work for. COC issued in your name done once, will happen again whenever it suits your boss. Only thing you can do is walk away and inform EWRB of COC’s issued falsely

Sep 11 2018 23:24

What outcome are you looking for?

Working with them to check and rectify the work ASAP, and hope that they don\'t do it again?
Or have them procecuted?

Energy Safety if you think it\'s dangerous and EWRB if you want to report the unlicensed electrical work.

Sep 12 2018 08:36

I don\'t think there are any easy options for you.
You\'re correct that it\'s illegal for the work to be connected without appropriate supervision. It isn\'t even allowed to be done and left waiting to be connected without supervision. And in fact the law says a person under supervision is not allowed to do any PEW on anything that is connected to a supply even while being supervised.

Clearly they didn\'t get the message last time. Instead they\'ve done even worse this time. Which suggests strongly that they\'ll keep doing it. After all why would they care about you losing your licence?

Even if you think you can trust them never to do this again, you\'re still at risk due to your name being on the illegal CoCs.
One way to avoid that would possibly be to contact a lawyer and make a formal affidavit.

But the only sure way is to lodge a complaint with EWRB about the several offences that have been committed
- illegal work
- possibly non-compliant work
- false CoCs.
If you make the complaint, the Board is unlikely to prosecute you. Whereas if you don\'t, the paperwork will always say \"you dunnit\".

After making a complaint, which is almost certain to result in financial penalty & adverse publicity for your employer, staying in your current employment is probably going to be difficult.

And if you just leave without making any official complaint, it\'s a reasonable assumption they\'ll treat their next electrician as a muppet in similar way. And you\'ll still be held responsible for the work covered by those CoCs.


Sep 12 2018 11:31

Question about the guy/s who did the work(with only an EST licence), under the order/direction of the boss. One I’ve spoken to is unhappy he was put in that position, will he/they be likely to get prosecuted by EWRB or will it just fall on the boss?

This is the major predicament I’m in. Covering myself at the expense of dropping workmates right in it. :/

Thanks for all the advice so far. Been extremely helpful and I’m meeting with a lawyer tonight to discuss further.

Sep 12 2018 14:19

> while I was away, my signature has been forged by my boss.

Forging a signature is a criminal offence. Your lawyer will advise.


Sep 12 2018 15:24

The way the Board seems to operate, they could well opt to go both the boss and your EST workmate.
Recent \"Electron\" had a report of a prosecution of someone for asking an unlicenced person to do PEW; but the EST could easily be in the gun as well.

Another source of support & advice would be the union, if you are a member.

Sep 12 2018 16:57

Agree with above. This is not a matter for the EWRB although they should be informed.

This is a matter for the police (under section 256 of Crimes Act).

Sep 22 2018 09:55

FYI for the future........ my advice is to only do COC\'s on a computer (adobe acrobat) and digitally sign them. They then cannot be interfered with in any way without the document being in invalidated even if sent via email. I virtually never send a printed copy to anyone or sign with a pen as its just to easy for someone to forge a signature.

Sep 22 2018 12:03

that last note doesn\'t stop them still doing what they are doing.
it\'s a serious crime, and could lead you to a power of shit, they need to be dealt with asap

Oct 23 2018 08:44

How did you go with this?

Oct 23 2018 11:13

Why not take your upset workmate along with you and make it a joint complaint so that he/she is also covered.

It really is a Police matter - it\'s called Forgery if not also Uttering a Forgery. Bloody serious.

If you don\'t do it, that wee parrot will always be sitting on your shoulder saying \"Your time is near..\"