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Posted By Topic: how could he even think this was right?

Sep 23 2018 10:18

someone pretending to be a sparky

Sep 23 2018 12:01

The penalties by the EWRB for this are inadequate.
It is fraud, and puts many people\'s safety at risk.

Sep 23 2018 14:01

This is second hand anecdotal since I\'ve never worked in construction: I\'ve recently spoken with a construction worker south of Christchurch who says ex-Chch rebuild firms and workers are regularly undercutting local quotes and leaving behind half-baked houses.

Aside from the recurring shoddy repair work done on earthquake damaged homes, I\'d hate to think what that says for the many new-builds here in Christchurch.

We might have our own subsequent \"leaky homes\" crisis around the corner.


Sep 23 2018 14:10

Looking at the Stuff article CCTV photo just reinforces the need to have quality cameras. Likewise, most dairy robbery photos are very low quality - may as well look through a grubby fly screen door at 20m away.

Sep 23 2018 20:19

So he cannot register for 5 years ... he can’t regiter anyway he is a fraud ..... he is prob still doing PEW and filling out fake COC’s
Australia would have put him in a detention centre and exported him.

Oct 01 2018 12:08

Presumably the MBIE investigation won\'t be the end of the matter... If we assume the guy was initially working toward registration then stopping him getting registered for a while is about the most they can do from this line of prosecution. I\'m guessing the case for fraud charges is still being built up?