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Posted By Topic: Schneider metal plate series

Sep 26 2018 20:43

Hi all, I have just brought 14 of the brass horizontal socket outlets BBSL25A for a new build and have put half of them in and the owner wanted the stainless ones. Architect said brass and is now denying it so I\'m stuck with them and a few light switches. Schneider won\'t take them back (the boxed ones). Does any one need a few?

Sep 28 2018 13:42

Schneider generally has a 60 day return policy. Are you past this?

Try going back to your wholesaler and attempting to contact the local Schneider Rep. They may be able to help ya.

Where are you located? I may be able to sort it for you.

Oct 01 2018 01:08

Bill the architect for them it\'s his cock up if he didn\'t listen to the client. You were working to his schedule after all.