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Posted By Topic: pdl main switches turned to sh#$%t?

Sep 27 2018 10:04

i have broken three terminal screws in the last three weeks on pdl surface mounted main switches, i pulled out one of the terminal screws and see it\'s made of brass, i pulled apart the same product from a earlier batch and the screw is an alloy of brass it appears, a simple file test shows the tensile of the material to be much stronger, how many other people are having an issue? i suspect they\'ve changed suppliers and the quality isn\'t there anymore?

Sep 27 2018 10:20

I don\'t use surface mount switches so I haven\'t noticed...

But on a slightly related subject, I used to have problems with the terminal screws in PDL mains boxes until the changed to stainless steel screws.

So I\'ll just take this opportunity to say sorry to whoever in the future needs to replace the dozen or so mains boxes that I\'ve fitted and have broken slots in the screws..

Contact Schneider I guess... maybe you could see if the mains box terminal screws fit and order some of those?

Oct 01 2018 21:21

They’ve always been my 14 years in the trade anyway.

Oct 01 2018 21:43

Are you replacing an existing main switch with a PDL main switch, and that has failed?

How about installing a surface mount enclosure with a din-rail mount main switch?

Oct 05 2018 16:58

my point is that i think they\'ve changed the quality of the screws and they are weak, hence trying to find if others are having the same issue. using another brand isn\'t going to solve that.