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Posted By Topic: Can a plumber change setting on a hwc thermostat

Sep 28 2018 15:40

Can a plumber or home owner even change the setting on a hwc thermostat,

i know it\'s super simple but if they have to remove a cover with a tool and then use a tool to adjust an electrical setting does this ascend it to any scope of electrical work or pew?

Sep 28 2018 16:18

homeowner definitely can, as per ESR 57.

Plumber depends on whether they hold a PL, as opening a cover by tool to gain access to live parts is PEW (being maintenance of an appliance).


Sep 28 2018 18:56

And there is a particular electrical practising licence designed for plumbers, called Associated Tradesperson:

Sep 28 2018 19:12

Thanks AlecK ... thats what i wondered and thanks also evanh

Oct 01 2018 01:05

Then plumbers turn around and tell the electricians that they are not allowed to change a HWC element as it is work on a potable water system.

Oct 01 2018 10:25

Like electrical work, plumbing work is restricted under an Act and Regulations.
Unlike electrical work, the plumbing Regs don\'t do much; it\'s pretty much all in the Act.

For example, there\'s no equivalent to our Schedule 1 to define what is and isn\'t \"sanitary plumbing work\"; just have to go by the definition in the Act.

The Act\'s definition does not directly mention changing elements. It does mention \"the work of repairing or replacing taps, ball valves, tap washers, or plugs\" as NOT being sanitary plumbing work - so anyone can do those things.

SPW includes 4 types of work, (a) to (d).

\"(a)fixing or unfixing any sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance, or any associated fittings or accessories\"
I don\'t think that covers elements, as a HWC is not a \"sanitary fixture\" or \"sanitary appliance\". Might be ruled to be \"associated\"; but replacing an element isn\'t \"fixing or unfixing\".

\"(b)the work of fixing or unfixing any trap, waste or soil pipe, ventilation pipe, or overflow pipe connected with or intended to be connected with or accessory to any sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance or any drain (whether or not the sanitary fixture, sanitary appliance, or drain is there when the work is done)\"
HWCs aren\'t in this bit.

\"(c) the work of fixing or unfixing any pipe that—
(i) supplies or is intended to be a means of supplying water to any sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance (whether or not that sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance is there when the work is done); and
(ii) is within the legal boundary of the premises on which that sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance is or will be installed (whether or not that sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance is there when the work is done)\"
Changing an element is not \"fixing or unfixing a pipe, so not included here either.

\"(d) generally all plumbing work associated with any sanitary fixture or sanitary appliance\"
Again, depends what a judge - or the PG&D Board - decide is \"associated with\" these items. Then is it \"plumbing work\"? Not clear, because no definition; but probably is.