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Posted By Topic: Test and Tag - Test Equipment

Sep 28 2018 16:24


Is there any exemption in AS/NZS 3760 or similar documents that covers Test Gear?

Some equipment we use could be deemed as dangerous in the wrong hands, due to exposed terminals, clips or leads, and would most likely fail on a visual inspection, so can this equipment be excempt?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Sep 28 2018 19:17

Interesting thought MB, lot of gear sourced from Aussie will have 3 pin plugs for that reason maybe, thinking Clipsal RCD testers, EFLI testers.

No exemptions in 3760 that I\'ve noticed

Sep 29 2018 17:22

The old test and tag scam again.

You have to have safe electrical appliances. Testing to AS/NZS3760 is ONE way to arrive at deemed safe.

There is NO requirement to tag an appliance that passes the tests.

There is a requirement to tag any appliance that fails the tests.

Is test equipment an appliance? Most test equipment would appear to not come under the definition of an appliance as per the Electricity Act.

Is the village idiot going to use it?

Are you as an electrician going to risk your life using an unsafe piece of test equipment.?
Are you going to allow anyone else to use your test equipment?

Why even go there?

Sep 29 2018 23:25

\"Are you as an electrician going to risk your life using an unsafe piece of test equipment.?\"

Given the dodgy items with a sparkies pass tag I\'ve seen, more than a few would. From observation, the problem with \"some\" sparkies and TnT, is that they haven\'t read the Standard, starting with it\'s title \"In-Service safety inspection AND testing of electrical equipment\". Generally, it\'s that first bit that gets the qualified folk- they omit the safety part of the inspection.

They also omit to read the various ESR\'s that pertain to appliances, and TnT, which from the post above, \"if you are relying on ESR 26 to get to deemed safe\", yes it does have to have a tag on it.

\"A fitting or appliance described in subclause (1)(a) is deemed to be electrically safe if it has a current tag issued in accordance with AS/NZS 3760.\" From AS/NZS 3760, clause 2.4.2 Following testing, compliant equipment shall........with a tag or indicator, the wording of reg 26 doesn\'t say \"tag or indicator\", just says tag.

There is naturally,also some issues with folk doing a \"tick & flick\" four hour test & tag course. It would be a whole lot better if there were some Unit Standards (that were open to anyone to complete, and a Code Of Practice that training providers had to adhere to.

Then everyone providing that service, might get closer to a uniform level of performance, and I wouldn\'t get to add to my museum of howlers, or get told when I quote a TnT job, \"what do you mean you need to shut everything down and unplug it to test & tag, the last crowd that did it, didn\'t need to and did 200 items in an afternoon\", scammed yes they were.


Sep 30 2018 16:43

I think manson is talking more about hacked up items, eg: A death lead for quickly bench testing a small VSD.


Sep 30 2018 22:10

Oops, got the bit about Tagging compliant equipment t wrong. Must have been in an older version of the standard.

Oct 01 2018 11:23

Thanks for the comments.

Test gear in question was home brewed with a three phase flexible lead output, complete with four clips to connect the flexible lead onto the equipment being tested.

With the test set turned on, the clips are alive at 400v/230, as they need to be, for the testing purpose.

Regardless of whether or not the equipment needs to be Test/Tagged, would it pass the requirements of 3760, with bare and potentially live clips?

Oct 01 2018 12:33

But it doesn\'t have to.
It just means that we can\'t use that particular path to \"deemed safe\".

Testing PEW is itself PEW.
But testing equipment isn\'t. So ESR 100\'s citation of \"4836\" doesn\'t apply.

Oct 01 2018 12:52

Thanks AlecK

I have been back and forth through the Act and Regulations, and Schedule 1 of the ESR\'s excludes \"testing\" from being deemed as PEW.

Where do I find anything that offers an alternate path to deeming safe, other than 3760 for Test Gear?

Oct 01 2018 13:57

There are no other paths specified (other than RCD for the situations listed in ESR 26); so have to work out your own.