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Posted By Topic: outside meterboard sizing

Sep 28 2018 19:59

having a discussion today re minimum sizing of meterboards with another sparky, what\'s the gossip out there?

Sep 28 2018 20:20

dunno about gossip, but it\'s the sort of thing networks tend to have rules about, even though it\'s absolutely nothing to do with them (beyond load control matters).
Requirements for revenue metering will vary from retailer to retailer.

Sep 28 2018 20:41

that\'s why i sued the word gossip, differing things in differing areas. Networks have too many words like \'prefer\' and \'we like\'to me. i\'ve got a connection to do where they \'like me there for \'good customer service\' thing is it\'s 3/4 hr there, the same back plus time to babysit them, how is it customer service to charge my customer at least two to two and a half hours to do this?

Sep 28 2018 21:15

TRhe Electricity Authority who write the metering rules for retailers to follow need to sort this mess out urgently. It is part of the metering arrangements.

Every consumer pays a few cents on every power account for this to be done and monitored.

The electrical trade need to lobby the Government (Ministers of Cabinet) to get some action.

Sep 29 2018 08:34

You can download from the web, METRIX METERING GUIDE PART1. This refers to NZS6206:1980, (a withdrawn standard!) \'Domestic Electric Meter Boxes\', and quotes a minimum size of 600H x 400W x 190mm deep.


Sep 29 2018 08:49

Just make it as big as you can fit in - they are never big enough and with the advent of ip-based switching systems, plenty of DIN rail space will be required.

Sep 29 2018 11:06

Looking a little further ahead with increasing numbers renewable energy systems in electrical installations the need for microgrids will become the norm and this requires some room for the switchgear required plus all the control electronics for the control and data transfer.

It is a couple of years away as I see it, but likely with 5 years from some advanced design work currently in hand.

Sep 29 2018 16:36

meterboard medistat....

Sep 29 2018 17:08

I can’t see for the life of me why anyone would want to size the outside meter board / box for anything that does not need to be in there.

Most line company’s have guidance documents that give minimum sizing requirements.

They don’t do this to power trip as some imply but because rather to ensure that when the metering contractor (who may be a line company employee) arrives on site he will be confronted with a standardised space and wiring. This ensures that there is sufficient space to mount the meter and Ripple relay if required. Not all networks are using meters with internal load control relays.

Lack of space in meter boxes is the curse of the metering contractor not helped by some retailers insisting on weird metering arrangements with Solar installations.


Sep 29 2018 20:04

And the Electrity Authority who require some stupid arrangements in metering.