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Posted By Topic: Customer wants to extend pendant light flex

Sep 29 2018 10:13

A customer wants to extend the flex cable on his pendant lights he supplied to allow for a very high ceiling.

As these fittings had an added steel wire in the flex to allow for heavier suspension and had push in grip type connections that didn\'t seem to like to have the cables removed and re terminated- I had recommended to him that we change to a different fitting that allows for the big drop.

He really wants to use the light fitting and he said he will take it away and get someone else to do the modifications on them and then bring them back for me to install. I would have done the work but felt like I couldn\'t get a great connection on the terminals again and looked like it would be a lot of hassle for what it was worth.

Should I be asking for an ESC or COC for this work? In sure what it falls under.


Sep 29 2018 11:50

If your in Auckland get it taken to Chelsea Lighting in Glenfield