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Posted By Topic: Removal of pulley from motor

Sep 30 2018 21:10

Hi all

How could I remove this pulley from this motor?




Sep 30 2018 21:38

Bit hard to seen pulley clearly Nathan, are those grub screws that I think I can see round the central hub? What happens if you undo and remove them? May find that pushing outer part back, gives access to another grub screw (or two) that secures the central part to the motor shaft, it has a woodruff key/perhaps just a straight key that stops this part from spinning on shaft under startup torque/load.

May need a tinge of heat and a bearing puller to get it started

Sep 30 2018 21:42

It may be a \'Taper Lock\' pulley. Does it have 3 grub screws holding the outer pulley and the inner bush together? And another threaded hole without a grub screw? If so, try removing the 3 grub screws, then screw one off them into the spare hole. Lightly tap the pulley with a hammer. If it is this type of pulley, it should release when you tighten the single grub screw.

Sep 30 2018 21:44

Isolate the motor

loosen the belts

Follow the video

Some light taps with a small hammer might also be required.

Sometimes you also need to use an old screw driver as wedge

all depends on pulley condition

Start genial then start working up the aggressive scale.

Sep 30 2018 22:56