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Posted By Topic: led light keeps glowing when off

Oct 01 2018 07:33

i\'m figuring it may be induction as a few wires run in the same line in a flat top roof house i\'m working on.
what solutions are there to stop this?

Oct 01 2018 08:00

Clipsal market a capacitor to fit in the light fitting(s) to overcome this problem of induction with the very small loading of LEC fittings.

Oct 01 2018 08:06

It\'s capacitive coupling between the wires.

Another one of those laws of physics things that is a royal pain.

Oct 01 2018 09:41

FTR, \"capacitance\" is NOT \"induction\". Another example of the sloppy terminology that is rife in our trade.

Effectively the capacitance allows enough leakage current to by-pass the switch for low-power items such as LEDs, CF lamps, neon lamps, etc to operate, either at low level or intermittently flashing. What the suggested capacitor does is provide a path for ac to be bled away. Equally having one incandescent lamp in a circuit of will act to bleed off the leakage.

Oct 01 2018 09:59

Last time I had this it turned out to be leakage across an older PDL switch contacts. Changed the switch mech and problem went away. Just another thing to look at.