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Posted By Topic: Re Connection house off for a long time

Oct 02 2018 17:19

Vector want the house to be checked as it has been off for a long time,don\'t know how long,so what is required, general inspection and does it need upgrade to RCDs

Oct 02 2018 17:49

6 months or longer requires a certificate of verification, don\'t think it needs to be upgraded to RCD\'s

Oct 03 2018 08:22

The term \"Certificate of Verification\" (CoV) was dropped from ESRs several years ago. So officially there is no such thing any more - though the acronym is still useful as the current official term is a mouthful

What is required - by ESR 74 - is a certificate \"issued in accordance with Section 3 of AS/NZS 3019\".
Section 3 is a visual-only inspection.

The cert must:
- certify that the installation or part-installation is \"suitable for continued use
- be issued by a person authorised to certify mains work
- be sighted by the person who is to reconnect / re-liven
- be less than 6 months old at that time.

There\'s a form in the Standard that can be used. EWRB have a multi-purpose form (that isn\'t much use for any of the purposes intended). Or easy to produce your own.

Unfortunately a lot of networks & retailers don\'t understand this simple regulation, and want certs issued by Inspectors, or even by their own pet Inspectors.

The key to this is the required standard: \"suitable for continued use\". The best guide for this is in ESR 113, which sets conditions for things to \"remain in service\".
- That means not \"electrically unsafe\", but not necessarily \"electrically safe\". It certainly does NOT require ANY form of modernisation or upgrading.

The other thing that matters here is this system is ONLY for installations / part installations that have had NO high risk or general PEW done on them since being isolated.

Also worth noting that this applies to part installations, but I doubt it ever happens at that level. Technically if I turn off my in-floor heating for the summer at the mcb, and don\'t turn it on again until next winter; then because the mcb isolates that \"part installation\" I\'d need to sight a cert before re-livening.

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