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Posted By Topic: Electrix

Oct 02 2018 20:07

I\'ve noticed that Electrix are looking for a trainee electrician in Dunedin. I was wondering if anyone has worked there and could let me know what its like compared to becoming an electrician through ecto.

Oct 03 2018 22:58

From the looks of what is on the website and their in house training of apprentices I would go with Electrix. Looks like there is a good team there to support and help train you. Plus it would give the opportunity for a great career within the company, who knows what role you may have in the company in 10 to 15 years? You won\'t have those prospects as an ETCO apprentice. Even working for small companies has it\'s limitations career wise. Dunedin can be a bit cold and damp in the winters so be prepared for that.