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Posted By Topic: Change of scenery anyone?

Oct 03 2018 14:01

Electrician / Technician (Te Anau)

Oct 03 2018 17:50

Be prepared for the winter fog though. Mid-winter in the Te Anau basin goes for weeks without any sun. Having lots of travel for work is a blessing then.


Oct 03 2018 22:09

ha ha evanh you make it sound terrible. We did have a week of fog once in the 5 years I've been here. We fly to work above and beyond the fog though...

Oct 03 2018 23:04

:) I do tend to keep expectations low.

Not that I've spent any time actually living in Te Anau but I do have nostalgia for the area, I miss the fresh air and the hills. Not a soul in sight. Roaming large tracts of untouched bush and scree slopes even outside the national parks.

Sadly, although I'm certainly interested in the position, I only hold an EAS licence, so won't be applying for your advertised position.


Oct 05 2018 15:21

What sort of $dollars are they paying?