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Posted By Topic: LPG cylinders and earth stake

Oct 07 2018 09:49

Hi team, im only an EST so not really sure about my domestic earth stake being in the hazard zone (within 1500mm) of my LPG cylinders. Could and earth stake become loose and make a spark? Contact Rockgas have suspended deliveries till I move the stake, quoted Standard AS/NZS 1596:2014
Thanks, Ken

Oct 07 2018 12:26

AS/NZS3000 has the minimum distance @1500mm for electrical services from gas bottle, I would guess the earth stake was there before the gas cylinder.

at the end of the day one of the services will need to be moved, not sure what\'s involved in moving the gas, moving the main earth can be done, but will involve and electrician and and inspector.


Oct 07 2018 15:45

does the zone stop at ground level ? if so you could use some 100ml duct to make a sleeve/inspection pit and drive the stake below ground level.

Oct 07 2018 16:12

still wouldn\'t solve the problem of it been within 1500mm of the gas

Oct 07 2018 18:01

Hi, yes house built 1970, gas installed couple of years ago, and signed off by gas tech/installer.

Gas heavier than air so lowering stake wont work.

Thanks guys looks like we\'ll move the earth stake.

Oct 09 2018 09:20

Hi, I just inspected NZS3000, It states sources of ignition as - socket outlets,switches,luminaries,switchboards,meter box and air conditioners. didn\'t see earth stakes listed as an ignition source.

Oct 09 2018 17:35

The stake pre-dates the gas, so what 3000 says doesn\'t particularly matter until you\'re adding a new electrode. What matters is whether the original gasfitter violated the gas regs (if you want to follow them up), and what Rockgas want before they\'ll supply.

Rockgas have complained about the electrode and quoted 1596:2014, so the options are either to separate the electrode from the cylinder zone (by moving the electrode or the gas connection), or demonstrate that the existing setup complies with 1596, or try to persuade them that 1596 doesn\'t apply. And as is the case when trying to argue wrong interpretations with the electricity networks, usually getting connected takes priority over being proved right.

Oct 15 2018 16:58

sad; but so very true, Andrew.

Oct 17 2018 20:05

I’ve seen this numerous times here in chch. I was told an earth stake is not an ignition source so the bottles can remain. Not my problem to argue.