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Posted By Topic: What brand of switchgear do you prefer to install

Oct 08 2018 12:29

In houses?

- 600 series
- Excel Life series
- Iconic series
- Silhouette series

Your thoughts.

Oct 08 2018 19:14

For what I have used I found 600 series to be one of my favorite along side Vynco Fusion and even Vynco Home isn\'t too bad for a more cost effective option

Oct 08 2018 20:28

i fitted a house in vynco home, went to get the ip rated switches for where required and they don\'t make them, customer wanted them all removed and a matching set put in....


Oct 08 2018 21:05

PDL 600. It\'s standard, been around for years. 20A switches. Plenty of engraved mecs.

Oct 10 2018 12:33

I would prefer to install PDL 600 series but clients like the Legrand/HPM Excel Life switchgear.

Oct 11 2018 14:27

Excel Life is great and covers pretty much all the bases for a modern home and the more I use it the more I like iconic but there is a small price increase over Excel Life.
600 series is fine to work with but it is quite antiquated in my opinion.

Oct 16 2018 21:32

The 600 series is hard to beat. Personally i like the Saturn series but that does come at a price.

Modena is horrible, horrible gear.

Haven’t used much Iconic but it doesn’t seem too bad from what I’ve seen. A bit more modern looking than the 600 series.

Oct 16 2018 22:16

The problem with Iconic is that it marks very easily. I recently did a house with Excel Life and I agree to the above, it does look very good.