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Posted By Topic: Meter Calibration on Purchasing

Oct 10 2018 16:27

Some of you may have seen my earlier post (still open for opinion) but I am going to purchase myself a installation tester and wanted recommendations

My question this time to all of you which I would love some opinion is that I have seen a number of sites while looking for said meter that offer meter calibration for an extra cost?

Is it worth it?
And if it is, is it better to get it through them or just buy without and take it somewhere myself?



Oct 10 2018 17:01

I would recommend the Megger Multi Function Tester.

I purchased a Megger MFT1825 installation tester, all have differing opinions & reasons why a particular brand. Mine was I have had Megger all my long career so familiar with the products, it is a recognised brand with full back up support from AVO NZ and if needed online video training.

MFT1825 came with a calibration certificate as I\'m sure most other name brands would but check that it prior to purchasing.

Lots to choose from so this is hopefully a little insight to whats out there and in use but sure if you stick to a known brand you shouldn\'t go wrong..

Oct 10 2018 23:57

Most brands come with the manufacturer\'s factory test cert.

But this isn\'t necessarily \'traceable\' (though it usually is) - this means that they can trace what meter was calibrated by what meter/standard all the way back to an official government standard. This is overkill for general use IMHO, but is sometimes required for things like aviation and other cases where paperwork is key.

Test certs are also generally only valid for a year. If the meter has been sitting on the shelf for a while, that cert may be near expiry.

If you don\'t plan to get your meter tested and re-certified every year (and you really don\'t need to), there\'s no point in doing it once when the factory already did it a few months earlier...

Oct 11 2018 06:41

Ah, I understand, thank you

Basically it\'s just an extra garentee to make sure everything is in working order when it most likely is fine anyway?

I think I\'ll leave it on purchase but maybe get into a routine of doing it annually or at least some regular basis

Thanks again

Oct 15 2018 16:37

A cert of calibration is well worth having; and shouldn\'t cost any extra if buying a reputable brand.

After that yo8u only need regular lower-level checks for accuracy, which you can (and should) mostly do for yourself.
If those lower level checks indicate a problem, or after damage, is time enough for paying to have a full calibration test done.