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Posted By Topic: Towel rail bath

Oct 10 2018 18:10

Me and another electrician are dis agreeing can someone please tell me can a heated towel rail rated lpx5 be mounted beside a bath I believe it can
Thank you for response

Oct 10 2018 19:00

It\'s fine

Oct 10 2018 22:08

have a look at the wet zones in your book

Oct 11 2018 07:21

I read it as no issue with ipx5 rail being in zone 2 or zone 1 it is also on RCD
On another note the towel rail is to be wired concealed usually there is a flex tail that plugs into the leg this rail just has a blue green and brown cable not double insulated and quite short hard to join to coming out of leg
Has anyone seen this before ?

Oct 11 2018 11:46

While it is legal and safe if the RCD never fails would you want to be holding it in a wet bath if it goes wrong.

Oct 11 2018 11:57

The rail may be rated at IPX5 but what about the PCU if there is one and the control switch?

Oct 11 2018 12:54

It will be concealed wiring with ip56 switch so will be ok
Dont like the idea of crimping connection inside the leg though

Oct 11 2018 15:41

Speaking of things going wrong, I found up to100V on my towel rail in a new house after moving in. The earth conductor in the feed cable was broken due to an over tightened screw in a light switch, we got all sorts of shocks from the towel rail before I had a look. The voltage on the towel rail frame went up and down depending how many lights were on, basically the towel rail wasn’t earthed, the shocks weren’t enough to trip the RCD but still unpleasant

Oct 11 2018 17:13

Sounds like the towel rail had a fault to earth. Which should have been picked up when the earthing of exposed metal on fixed class one appliances was done and if it was correctly earthed the insulation resistance test would have shown the fault. Was it a tiled floor in your bathroom?