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Posted By Topic: Requirment for RCDS commercialy when adding socket

Oct 11 2018 21:06

So under 2.6.3 there is no mention of needing RCDs out of residential installations apart from medical and schools etc. But under additions states all sockets added must be protected by an rcd. How does this make sense when the commercial installation doesnt need them to begin with?

So I can do a whole installation with no rcds but if I add a plug a week later it must have rcds?

Asnzs 3000 2007

Oct 11 2018 21:38

2.6.3 says where additional protection is required. is a sub paragraph of 2.6.3 and therefore only covers areas where additional protection is required.
There is no requirement for additional protection in installations other than residential.
When we are required to install rcd’s in more locations the powers that be will write it an applicable standard.

Until then RCD’s are only required in residential areas. And other special locations like damp / wet areas.

There is nothing stopping customers from requiring rcd’s in any situation after all they are paying the bills.

Oct 11 2018 21:48

Thank you for clearing that up! So basicly its saying when adding onto a circuit that requires RCD protection originally the new sockets must also be protected by an RCD.

Oct 15 2018 16:55

If you look at the 2018 edition, you\'ll see that that particular glitch has been tidied up.
It was never intended that an RCD would be required for an additional socket on an existing subcircuit unless one would have been required in same circumstances for a new subcircuit to that socket. But sometimes errors creep in unintentionally.