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Posted By Topic: Torque Screwdriver

Oct 13 2018 17:31

I have seen many models, with many different values but just wanted to ask what the most common ranges of values you come across in the industry?

Main purpose is for ensuring circuits breakers and switchgear is tightened to manufactures recommendations so that they are safe and compliant but I would like a little versatility

I was thinking 1nm-5nm seemed to be a standard range upon most I had seen

Do you think something like this would be suitable?

Oct 14 2018 13:25

My Wiha has a range of 1.0 Nm to 5.0 Nm and I have not yet found an insulated set that expands beyond this range. I think there are individual handles in the Felio range that go lower but I\'d have to check. When I did my initial research into it the Wiha set was the most expansive for the money, however Transnet have a very good set that is cheaper. You can find it on their website.

Oct 14 2018 13:45

Awesome, the Wiha set was actually the exact set I was leaning towards from the research I have done so it\'s good to see others had a similar opinion

Oct 14 2018 14:07

Element 14 had this set

I thought the price was pretty fair and when I had emailed them about previous products they were able to drop prices by around 15% which makes it around $280-$290 which seems a decent price

Oct 14 2018 18:14

Yes the Wiha set is brilliantly made - have had mine since 2010 and recently calibrated it against a new set with zero difference.

Oct 14 2018 21:08

I have one for MCCB\'s, A bit extreme for mcb\'s unless you have soft wrists or something.

Oct 15 2018 07:28

I\'d be just as more about over-tightening screws on MCBs, you can twist the whole chassis if you go too far, which must have an effect on operation. They don\'t say tighten as hard as you can for a reason.

Oct 15 2018 07:55

I use a WERA torque screwdriver for things where torque is specified.
The metering industry discovered that MAN tight was extremely variable from loose, to break the brass tunnel open, so they mandated Torque screwdrivers for contractors and staff.

Oct 15 2018 17:13

over-tightening can be just as destructive as under-tightening.
Which may also be relevant to the recent thread about brass terminal screws breaking.

Oct 17 2018 18:38

The Wiha Salesrep told me the full torque kit was around $450 :O

Oct 17 2018 20:12

What ever happened to \'tight\'s tight, too tight\'s broken\'? or do we need to be led by the nose to do everything these days?

Oct 18 2018 18:17

It\'s the new regs. If you don\'t follow the manufacturers instructions then it\'s deemed non-compliant. Ridiculous, but that\'s how it is...

Oct 18 2018 20:51

It is unfortunate that the need for torque screwdrivers are required but other industries have been using torque implements for much longer.

A large study was done using electricians of varying experience and civilians with no experience.
The results were very clear that hand tightening screws produces inconsistent results and the civilians were no better or worse than the electricians. Unfortunately none of the participants was able to get consistent torque on the screws.

There have been many fires started in switchboards by loose connections that may have not started if the screws were tightened correctly.

At least if you used a torque screwdriver when required you would have some bum cover in the unlikely event that something went horribly wrong.

Oct 19 2018 22:56

If I was to buy again I would buy the HAUPA set it is cheaper than the Wiha set and looks like a better quality set.

I paid a little over $250+GST for the Wiha set and it is not as comprehensive as the HAUPA set 102700/Z1-12 quoted to me at $221+GST.

The HAUPA set which is 12 piece set vs the Wiha which is a 9 piece set containing only 6 blades. Both sets require a separate tool to change the torque setting, the Wiha requires a piece separate to the handle to hold the blades, the HAUPA does not.

The HAUPA is available in torque ranges of 0.5-3.5 Nm and 1-6 Nm.
The Wiha is only available in 1-5 Nm, I think but not 100% sure.

Please see the link for the HAUPA sets on the Transnet website.

Oct 30 2018 17:59

I bought a Wiha set the other day for $340+gst and have only used it on one switchboard. The center piece which holds the bits has already broken. And Wiha want the whole kit back to \"investigate\" it. It was the only kit I could get on short notice as I wanted it for this switchboard upgrade.

Oct 30 2018 21:01

The WERA set does not require any extra tooling to adjust the torque and a full 16 piece set was not overly expensive.
I had a friend who had one of the other brands but it was hopelessly out of spec compared to a new one.