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Posted By Topic: Cited Standards

Oct 24 2018 07:45

Why do we have this ridiculous situation here in NZ where the Electrical Safety Regulations have to cite the relevant standard. We are just kept in a flux until they decide to get the time to cite them whereas Australia they dont muck around like us. Can you committee members get on with the intent of harmonizing our standards with regard to this. Particular with the fast changing technology out there it may be time to look at getting these standards effective sooner. Thoughts?

Oct 24 2018 07:50

AS/NZS 3000:2018 becomes effective in Australia Jan 2019 when are we effective months/years?

PV its already 5033: 2014 effective now in AU with a couple of amendments already near effective.

Oct 24 2018 08:26

The Committees that write the Standards can\'t do anything about changing the law of NZ. That\'s a job for Parliament.

Oct 24 2018 08:50

Understand but it is a drawn out affair and a lot of confusion in the industry when a standard has the final publish and cannot be used.
What body can we communicate with to lobby a change and have a system similar to Australia
Free trade, Reg Harmonization we are ANZAC brothers after all.

Oct 24 2018 19:08

\"What body can we communicate with to lobby \"

Read Aleck\'s post above, lobby your MP dude, the Government enacts legislation, Standards are just the means of complying with the Governments intent expressed in Acts and Regulations