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Posted By Topic: Using 2 x 4mm in Parallel for 36A oven

Oct 25 2018 23:25

Hi there,

I\'m not an electrician so please forgive my ignorance, I\'ve just been given different advice/quotes from 2 different electricians and just want to know what the correct & legal/safe approach should be here.

I\'ve currently got an under bench oven and seperate benchtop hob installed in my kitchen. Both are supplied by seperate 4mm feeds with individual isolators, and 25A circuit breakers (I\'m not sure if this is the correct name) on the switchboard.

I am wanting to install a 90cm SMEG oven, which says it needs 36A and requires 3-core 6mm wiring for 240V.

One electrician has told me I have to run a new 6mm wire with a 32A circuit breaker from the board, at a cost of approx $1000 (it\'s about 15m from board to kitchen in a straight line under the house).

The other electrician has told me that it will be OK to use the 2 existing 4mm wires in parallel.

Obviously if I can use the existing wires, this will save me lots of $$$, but I want to make sure that this is going to be safe and legal.

Any advice is much appreciated,



Oct 26 2018 07:39

It is permitted to parallel 4mm cable, with the important proviso that the cables follow the same route, and are therefore a very, very similar length.

Making a load of assumptions, but as long as the cable run is less than about 30m then you should be good to go.


Oct 26 2018 09:14

This proposed work is outside the limits of the Do It Yourself rules.

You as a homeowner are NOT permitted to work in the live switchboard in any circumstances, which necessary to disconnect and reconnect the cables in parrallel and to uprate the protective device.

You need to employ an electrician to do this work.

It you don\'t, and you have a fire due to your unauthorised or illegal electrical work, your insurance company is likely to say that they will NOT pay out to repair any damage caused by illegal work.

Oct 26 2018 10:56

Thanks dbuckley, very helpful.

Pluto - cool your jets mate, you\'ve ASSUMED I was going to do the work myself? I\'m not an idiot, I clearly stated I\'m not an electrician, and had already been for quotes - the reason I asked was because I was given different advice by 2 different registered electricians.

We all know what the acronym for the word ASSUME means, in this case you could leave off the ME.


Oct 26 2018 17:58

Go with the second guy - 4mm2 in parallel is fine.
It seems like they aren\'t trying to charge you for unnecessary work.

Oct 26 2018 22:35

quite likely this is the job in tawa i discussed with a customer this week, i advised them to post on here so he gets other views on how to do the job, as for a grand to run a six mm , holey snapping duck turd, i\' couldn\'t look someone in the eye and tell them that! i recommended the two by four approach