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Posted By Topic: Heavy duty raychem on bimetal shear lugs?

Oct 27 2018 14:57

Hi guys, hope everyone\'s well!
Just wondering what the go is with the above. Been terminating aluminium multi-cores and was using phase coloured heat shrink on the lugs like you would a normal lug. Some one mentioned they thought it should be heavy duty raychem with phase coloured heat shrink over the top, like you would doing a cable joint with a shear link. Apparently to protect the ally from corrosion. I checked a board someone else had done and they have used hd raychem but no phase coloured heat shrink over the top. The insulation is colour coded but I don\'t think that is right still. What is the right way to do these shear lugs?Thanks in advance!

Oct 29 2018 09:34

I would say that there is no need for any heat shrink at all. If there was a real requirement for heat shrink to make the joint any better it would be in the manufacturers instructions for the lugs. I have never seen any such advice.

Using phase coloured heat shrink serves a useful purpose.

Heavy wall heat shrink would only be a solution if there were clearance issues in the switchgear.

I think that sometimes heavy wall heat shrink is used to conceal poor crimping.

Oct 29 2018 19:10

I personally treat bimetal shear lugs like any other lug.
It seems a bit over the top to use raycheem on the lugs.
I usually check for burrs if crimped & just a visual & clean for shear, tape & colour heatshrink on 400v set up.

Nov 14 2018 19:50

Cheers guys, yeah thought it was a bit Ott but did the raychem/colour coded thin wall heat shrink combo anyway. Another weird thing they wanted was putting an extra load of joint paste into the lug too. The shear lugs come with a bit of dialectic grease on the bolt and a bead of joint paste on the other side already. I can't see how mixing those two with a dollop of another brand of paste will help, if anything, if issues occur in the future I can see the manufacturer washing their hands of it as you've altered their spec!

Nov 14 2018 20:27

i went to a trade breakfast years ago and they demonstrated how to use the shearbolt lugs, no extra goop was needed