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Posted By Topic: ROI to Electrician

Oct 28 2018 13:37

Is the inspector obliged to provide a copy of the ROI to the installing electrician if another party has organised/paid for inspection?

Oct 29 2018 08:00

No. Reg 72A sets out who you must give an ROI to.

Oct 29 2018 11:31

True that a copy to electrician is never required; but it\'s a good idea. They need to know that the inspection they\'ve paid for has been completed correctly, as it\'s their job to ensure that their High risk PEW is inspected. However even better than a copy of RoI is that they can check on the national HR database that the inspection has been logged in.

Equally true that the electrician is not directly required to provide the inspector with a copy of the CoC; but since the inspector is required to attach one to the other it\'s necessary in practice.