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Posted By Topic: Portable Cabin

Oct 29 2018 17:40

I have been asked to check a portable cabin they are selling. The last electrical check was in 2013.
I am not sure if I have to get a Electrical Inspector involved or just myself as the Registered Electrician.


Oct 29 2018 17:54

To issue a warrant of electrical fitness you need to be an electrical inspector.

Oct 29 2018 18:05

Ok I wasn’t sure if a cabin was under the same rules as a caravan & mobile home they had it installed as a permanent dwelling & the electrician whom installed it removed the Caravan plug & hard wired with J/ Box & PVC Conduit.
I’ve been out of the Domestic & Commercial scene for a few years so any advice be grateful.


Oct 29 2018 18:28

If it is intended to be fixed in position, then it\'s not a transportable structure and the normal AS/NZS3000 rules apply.

As it doesn\'t need a warrant of electrical fitness, any electrician can \"check\" it..

Oct 29 2018 19:12

Thanks for that much appreciated.