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Posted By Topic: Temp supply water ingress

Nov 01 2018 08:02

I have concerns for a temp board on a site side hinged door which can be open to elements.
Power leads come from non IP rated sockets in this enclosure (RCD protected)which prevent door shutting when leads plugged in.

If the door is open no weather protection to MCB\'s or sockets etc (no IP??)

Is this a valid concern? Should the door be at least top hung( added weather protection?) or door be shut and external IP rated sockets provided?

you thoughts are welcome.



Nov 01 2018 08:37

Not compliant with \"3012\"

But then \"3012\" isn\'t mandated; it\'s just cited as a recognised means of reaching \"electrically safe\". So need to put it in terms of what\'s unsafe, rather than simply non-compliant.

Nov 01 2018 23:17

AS/NZS 3000:2007

Nov 02 2018 08:14

Fair point.
But I am not certain that a \"secondary citation\" is legally enforceable when the primary document(ESRs) takes a significantly different approach.

Nov 03 2018 22:44

Or cut slots to allow door to shut.
No problem.

Nov 04 2018 09:48

There are a number of requirements for construction site switchboards that are routinely ignored by the trade; especially for small sites. Regardless of whether or not \"secondary citation\" stacks up; there are good reasons for the requirements. Worksafe have become sufficiently concerned that next edition of the Standard will have an Appendix that gathers together all the requirements that apply for a typical domestic building site (to avoid readers having to work out which ones do and which maybe don\'t) together with Figs of typical BTSs and some guidance on aerial supply to a BTS.

Another bit that seems to be widely ignored is that EVERY BTS is required [ESR 75]to be checked by an Inspector, i.a.w. \"3012\", every 6 months.